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Unique Insight Into Valuation Issues

What is a fair value to place on your martial assets? How do you value a pension or retirement account? How do you value a business? With a background in finance, Hartford property division lawyer Greg Mogel provides the knowledge and sophisticated guidance to help you answer these and other important questions about the division of assets and debts.

As a finance major at the University of Southern California, one of the country’s top undergraduate business schools, Greg Mogel has a unique insight into helping his clients understand valuation issues. He knows when to contact accountants, appraisers and other valuation experts to assist in locating and valuing a couple’s holdings.

West Hartford Asset Division Lawyer

Dividing up assets from a marriage can quickly become complicated because each party, understandably, wants to make sure he or she is on solid financial footing once the divorce is finalized. As a Hartford attorney with more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Mogel works to find creative ways of dividing all types of assets and debts, including:

  • The marital home
  • Business assets
  • Retirement accounts (pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s)
  • Credit card debt, mortgage debt and other liabilities
  • Stocks/investment portfolios
  • Vehicles, furniture and personal items

Property settlements are frequently achieved through negotiation, where each party sits down with his or her attorney to discuss potential solutions. In other situations, property issues are litigated in front of a judge. Whatever resolution method your case requires, you can rely on Connecticut lawyer Greg Mogel to protect your financial interests at all stages.

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